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Oval Mirror Defogger
Oval Mirror Defogger

Oval Mirror Defogger

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     Product Description:

    Make your mornings more comfortable and convenient with WarmlyYours ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers. These innovative mirror defoggers gently heat up the reflective surface, preventing condensation and ensuring you have a clear view, even after the steamiest shower or bath. Say goodbye to streaky mirrors from wiping by hand - ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers are available in several shapes and sizes and feature self-adhesive backing for easy application to any wall-hung mirror. With its 24” x 32” size, this oval mirror defogger is ideal for larger, decorative mirrors. Drawing only a minimal amount of energy, these mirror defoggers operate at a safe, constant temperature of 104 degrees and conveniently connect to your bathroom's 120V lighting circuit. Please note that mirror defoggers are not suitable for installation in the shower. Upgrade your bathroom with ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers today!


    • 24/7 installation support and lifetime technical support
    • ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes
    • Same Day Shipping
    • cUlus listed
    • 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship






      Oval 18" x 26" Mirror Defogger

         Oval 24" x 32" Mirror Defogger  


     Circular 15" Mirror Defogger FFM-15R





    UPC (GTIN-12) 881308010812
    Shape Oval Oval
    Warranty 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship


    cULus listed components cULus listed components
    Backing Self-adhesive backing allows direct application to the back of any wall-hung mirror in just minutes Self-adhesive backing allows direct application to the back of any wall-hung mirror in just minutes
    Size 12" x 18" 24" x 32"
    Coverage 3 sqft 5 sqft
    Length 2.2 in 2.8 in
    Thickness 0.02 in 0.02 in
    Width 1.6 in 2"
    Weight 0.4 lbs 0.6 lbs
    Amps 0.35 A 0.85 A
    Ohms 317 Ohm 188 Ohm
    Voltage 120 VAC 120 VAC
    Watts 38 W 64 W
    BTU Per Hour 130 218

    Heat Outputs

    Regulated Heat

    104 F / 40 C

    104 F / 40 C

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       Please see WarmlyYours® Warranty Policy Here: Warranty Registration.

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      Can I use multiple defoggers on the same mirror?


      Yes, but please make sure not to overlap multiple heating elements over each other.


      Can I wire it to the lighting circuit?


      Yes. In fact, this is the most common way to operate a mirror defogger.


      What is the best way to keep bathroom mirrors from fogging up?


      Installing a heating system behind your mirror is the most reliable way to avoid a foggy mirror. Typically, mirrors fog up because they are much cooler than the steam in a bathroom after a shower or bath. The cool surface of the mirror causes the moisture in the steam to condensate in the form of fog. A heated mirror will prevent this condensation by being as warm, or warmer, than the steam. 


      What is the length of the cold lead for a mirror defogger?


      A mirror defogger cold lead is 36 inches long.


      How does a mirror defogger work?


      An ultra thin electric heating mat is attached to the back of the mirror, which transmits gentle warmth across a mirror’s surface to prevent moisture from condensing on the mirror's surface during a shower or bath.


      How do I glue a mirror to the wall and still have a defogger on it?


      If you're gluing a mirror to a wall, simply apply adhesive to the mirror backing, not covered with the mirror defogger.


      How quickly can a mirror defogger defog a mirror?


      The mirror defogger will begin to defog the mirror within 5 minutes of operation.


      Can you attach it to the back of a medicine cabinet door?


      No. Mirror defoggers are designed to be mounted and wired to a fixed, wall-mounted mirror.


      How thick is the box on the back of the heating mat? Does it prevent the mirror from lying flat or flush against the wall?


      The electrical junction box should be installed inline with the Mirror Defogger’s lead wires and box. The box at the back of the defogger is meant to be located over the electrical box in the wall. This way it will be in the electrical box and not interfere with the defogger being flush with the mirror and the wall. The location where the wires leave must be entirely within the area of the new electrical junction box.


      Can a mirror defogger be controlled with a low-voltage dimmer switch?


      The mirror defoggers are not designed for use with dimmer switches or with any low-voltage control. 


      What is the polarity of the heating cable/mat?


      Electric-resistance heating cables and systems have no polarity. This includes all current WarmlyYours heating elements.


      Can I trim the mirror defogger?


      No. Mirror defoggers can't be trimmed and the proper size needs to be selected to fit on an open, unobstructed area on the back of the mirror.


      Can I put a mirror defogger in my shower?


      No. Mirror defoggers are not rated to be installed in wet locations like a shower enclosure.