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The Faucet Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know


Whether you’re looking to buy a kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, or custom faucet for your home, apartment, or office, there can be a lot of information that goes into the final decision. In order to be as prepared as possible for your faucet decisions, latest trends, and specific features that are needed for your property, we are going to provide you with a comprehensive faucet buying guide. Let’s get started.


First Consideration: Faucet Type

When it comes to picking the faucet that is right for you, the first consideration should be whether you want a deck-mount or wall-mount faucet. Deck-mount faucets attach to the countertop, or rest on the sink. As the name implies, a wall-mount faucet attaches directly to the wall, suspending it over your sink.


Depending on which one you pick, here are a few details to note:

         Deck-mount faucets: the number of holes in the sink matter. A one-piece faucet, with an integrated handle and spout, need one hole for the handle and spout piece, and another for the sprayer.

o   If you are working with a traditional faucet, you may need three or four holes for taps, spouts, and sprayers.

o   If you are adding additional options like soap dispensers or integrated sprayers, the hole requirement will be custom.


Therefore, it’s critical to choose the faucet before the sink so you can ensure the sink has the right amount of holes for your faucet collection. Although, holes can be drilled into the sink to accommodate the faucet.


Second Consideration: Faucet Handles

For kitchen faucets, you will be able to choose from one rotating handle, or two handles for hot and cold water (also the format that will be used for a bathroom faucet). If you really want to get fancy, hands-free faucets are becoming more popular in the kitchen, and can be activated with no-touch and just a simple motion. Hands-free faucets also make living spaces more accessible and are child-friendly.


Third Consideration: Sink Requirement

You also want to ponder how you plan to use your kitchen or bathroom sink. Are you going to be washing lots of pots and pans? Will you want to wash your dog, or bathe a child? High-arc faucets help add space to the sink to make it more comfortable. You can even consider a bar prep faucet in a side sink, with a double setup that keeps your meats and cheese from the vegetables during kitchen preparation.


Fourth Consideration: Faucet Finishes

Depending upon the décor in your home, choose a faucet with a finish that matches the accents in that room. Mull over bronze, chrome, nickel, and stainless-steel options.


Fifth Consideration: Faucet Features

For kitchens, in-faucet filters are great for filtering tap water for drinking. For bathrooms, touchless faucets can prevent the spread of germs from the toilet and other sanitary products. You can also consider soap dispensers that make it easy to obtain soap without cluttering the counter with soap bottles.


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