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Hardwired WiFi Switch
Hardwired WiFi Switch

Hardwired WiFi Switch

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    Product Description:

    The Hardwired WiFi Switch from WarmlyYours is an elegant and convenient control option for towel warmers or radiant panels. This WiFi enabled control opens a variety of possibilities for how you operate your device. You can use it manually in-person like a traditional light switch or you can operate it remotely with your smart device. Additionally, this control can be partnered with various home automation systems like the Nest thermostat, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Assistant. You can also use the free “My Leviton” app to set a schedule for your radiant heating device. There’s no automation hub required and the sleek design means this control presents a streamlined appearance when installed.


    • Works with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or the Nest thermostat (no hub required)
    • Can be controlled/programmed remotely via a smart device
    • Hardwired 120 VAC electrical connection
    • Can be used to control hardwired towel warmers or radiant panels 
    • Safe: cCSAus listed
    • 5-year limited warranty
    • Comes with a white wallplate 
    • Lifetime technical support from WarmlyYours  










    Hardwired WiFi Switch 

    Color White
    UPC (GTIN-12) 881308058418
    Mounting Method In-wall, single-gang box
    Warranty 5-year warranty
    Installed Dimensions 4.13 in x 1.75 in x 1.40 in
    Weight 1 lb


    Connection Method Hardwired
    Maximum Load (Resistive Only) 15 A
    Voltage 120 VAC
    Voice Control Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants (sold separately)
    Works with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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       Please see WarmlyYours® Warranty Policy Here: Warranty Registration.

       Shipping and Return Policy

      Please see our Shipping Policy Here:  Shipping and Return Policy


      Can I install the towel warmer myself or do I need to hire someone to do it for me?


      Each towel warmer comes with an instruction manual which fully explains how to install the device from start to finish. If you can hang a picture, you can probably install a heated towel rack. However, for hardwired models, you will need a licensed professional who is certified to do electrical wiring for the final hook-up. 

      How hot does the towel warmer actually get and is there any possibility of damage?

      The heated towel rack will heat up to between 100 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It will not produce sufficient heat to injure you if you touch or brush up against it, though you should still exercise caution around the device. Please note that once a heated towel rail is warmed up, the surface temperature will remain constant and can't be adjusted incrementally. 

      The heated towel racks have a built-in offset from the wall (the size of the offset will depend on which model you purchased); the offset provides sufficient clearance to prevent any damage to the wall. You should also maintain a distance of four inches between the towel warmer and surrounding fixtures.


      Additionally, nearly all of our electric towel warmer models* come with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection which will shut the unit down automatically if the unit's surface exceeds the safety limit of between 149°F (65°C) and 167°F (75°C).

      *Excludes the Elements model.

      How do I use the towel warmer after it is installed?


      Our towel warmers are designed for everyday use and all of them include an integrated on/off switch. Please note that the Ibiza model from the Premier Collection includes additional built-in timer options for controlling the unit. WarmlyYours also offers a wide array of controls that can be used with your heated towel rack. Depending on the control you select, you can program the heated towel rack to your schedule or operate it remotely. Just bear in mind that the heated towel rack is designed to gradually warm towels over the course of a day and does work best when towels are left to hang for about 3 hours.


      How heavy/large are the towel warmers?


      Weights vary based on design but typically range from 9 to 29 pounds. Even a larger towel warmer will not be a problem when attaching to the wall. As indicated in the instruction manual, you just need to make sure that at least two of the four brackets are attached to a stud.


      Does the towel warmer have an automatic shutoff function?


      The heated towel rack is designed to stay on at a relatively constant temperature to keep your bathrobes and towels fresh, warm, and dry. However, should you need to turn the unit off for any reason, you can use the integrated on/off switch on the unit. If you’re using a control for your heated towel rack, you may need to shut off the unit there as well. 

      Most of our electric towel warmer models* come with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection which will shut the unit down automatically if the unit's surface exceeds the safety limit of between 149°F (65°C) and 167°F (75°C). 

      *Excludes the Elements model. 

       How much does it cost to operate a towel warmer?


      The cost to operate your model will depend on two different variables: 1.) the wattage of the model you’ve selected. 2.) the cost of electricity in your area. 

      A quick way to figure out the hourly operating cost is to take the cost of electricity in your area (typically measured in cents per kilowatt hour) and multiple it by the wattage of your towel warmer divided by 1000. For example, the cost to operate an Infinity Towel Warmer (a 150-watt model) in Lake Zurich, IL (where electricity costs 10.44 cents per kilowatt hour) would be less than 2 cents an hour and the formula to figure that out would look like this: $0.1044 x (150/1000) = $0.0156 per hour. 

       How much weight can the towel warmer bars support?


      Our towel warmers can hold up to two towels at once. 5lbs is the recommended total weight limit for our towel warmers.



      A towel warmer can't be installed in a shower enclosure. A heated towel rack needs to be installed at least 24” away from a wet location like a shower, tub, etc. You'll also want to check your local electrical code prior to installation.


      I already have a heated floor system; can a heated towel rail work in tandem with my floor heating system?


      The towel warmer is designed as a stand alone product and will add some warmth to the room (particularly if it's a small bathroom). It is, however, the perfect compliment to your floor heating system as they will work together to transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.


      Why would I want heated towel rails?


      Heated towel rails (towel warmers) are good for many reasons. First, they provide comfort in the winter; who doesn’t love a nice warm towel? Secondly, they provide an excellent storage solution, as you can hang your towels from them like traditional towel racks (be mindful not to overload the unit with too many towels when it's on). And finally, they are a great sanitation solution, as they keep your towels from getting mildewy.



      Electric-resistance heating cables and systems have no polarity. This includes all current WarmlyYours heating elements.


      What can I do if I order the heated towel rack and I don't like it once I receive it?


      If you are unhappy with your electric towel warmer, please contact WarmlyYours Customer Service at (800) 875-5285 for assistance between the hours of 8:00am and 5:30pm CST, Monday through Friday. Please return your heated towel rack in the original packaging. Learn more about our Return Policy.

       Does a towel warmer need to be wired to a GFCI circuit or outlet?


      Yes, the towel warmer must be on a GFCI-protected circuit and be wired by a professional who is certified to do electrical wiring.


      Can you control a towel warmer remotely?


      Yes, a hardwired heated towel rack can be paired with the Hardwired WiFi Switch, which can enable remote control of the unit. 



      The wires should be 14 AWG. The breaker should be 15-Amps. 



      Warranty lengths vary depending on the model of the towel warmer, please refer to the warranty card for more information. If the heated towel rack is defective or damaged and it was not a result of misuse or misapplication, WarmlyYours will replace the towel heater. The warranty registration card can be accessed from the individual towel warmer's Warranty Page and must be completed and submitted online to qualify for warranty coverage. These elements can be found in our Support Section for Towel Warmers.



      A modern towel warmer will not only dry your towel, but it will help to dry out the room to reduce humidity and mold.



      The package includes all the hardware that you will need to install the towel warmer. All you will need to provide are the actual tools necessary to install such as a drill and screw driver.



      Yes, our heated towel racks are electric "dry" (liquid/oil free) units and can be installed "upside down".



      Yes. A heated towel rack can be used as a supplementary heat source, but in most cases they don’t generate enough ambient heat in a room to be used as a primary heat source. 



      WarmlyYours electric towel warmers require no more power than is generated from your standard 120V wall outlet. For hardwired towel warmers, all the wiring is done through the wall. A separate power source is not required; power can be pulled from the nearest available source. For plug-in towel warmers, all that is required for electric hookup is that the unit is plugged into a properly grounded outlet located within 6 feet (1.8m) of the unit.



      No. The heated towel rack is not only designed to keep your towels warm and dry but also to withstand the high moisture level in your bathroom. 



      Using a light switch to control the electric towel warmer is okay in most cases. However, you can't use a dimmer to control the unit. 



      Yes, your unit is designed to be left on 24/7 if needed. However, for efficient operation, you may want to pair your heated towel rail with a compatible WarmlyYours control.



      No, floor heating thermostats are not compatible with the towel warmers. We would also not recommend using both devices on the same control, as it does not take the same amount of time to reach the ideal temperature for each product, which could lead to one unit to overheat and the other to not function properly.