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ILVE Frequently Asked Questions

ILVE USA offers a variety of visual guides and demonstrations on our YouTube channel.

I. Ordering

  1. We ship to the contiguous 48 states and Canada


  2. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship samples of our metal finishes at this time. In order to view our metal finishes, schedule a virtual consultation


  3. Our customers can choose from any of the 213 RAL K7 Classic Colors to build a custom range to suit any kitchen. This includes mismatched color doors and mix metal trims.

  4. Each model's burner configurations will vary depending on the series, size, and fuel type. Our Nostalgie and Professional Plus lines feature similar burner configurations, while the Majestic II has unique configurations.


  5. Accessories included vary by model. Accessories and other specifications for each model can be found on the model's spec sheet, which is located under the Resources & Downloads tab on each product page.

  6. All of our finishes have a protective coating to maintain its original color and will not patina over time.

  7. All dimensions can be found on the second page of the model’s spec sheet, which is located under the Resources & Downloads tab on each product page.

  8. All ILVE products purchased from an authorized dealer are covered under a standard two-year warranty for parts and service. If a problem should arise, contact us directly and we will locate a servicer for you.


  9. Recirculating kits are compatible with our older range hoods with 600 CFM capacities, but not our newer models with 850 CFM capacities.

  10. ILVE range hoods are designed to complement our ranges and cooktops in quality and aesthetics. Therefore, we do not sell range hood inserts separately. Please see our sister brand, Forte, for range hood inserts.


  11. Yes, please fill out the following form to request a matching color cover for your ILVE range's exterior logo

II. Installation

  1. Our ranges are calibrated before they reach our customers, making installation a fairly simple task. To prepare for installation, confirm that your home is able to accommodate your range. Determine whether your home uses natural gas or liquid propane for gas and dual fuel ranges. Dual fuel and electric ranges require 220V. The amperage requirements vary between models and can be found on each model’s spec sheet. To connect your range to electricity, utilize either a four-prong plug or a junction box. A certified electrician can assist you with any modifications to your home.

    First, unbox your range and attach the feet. Helpful videos on this process can be found here and here.

    Next, connect the hose to your home’s fuel source. The gas regulator, a necessary part of your fuel hookup, can be installed on either side of the back of the range.

    Ensure that the electrical connection is secure to complete the installation.

    As long as the range has not been altered beyond these installation steps, your warranty is intact. You can find a detailed Installation Manual and our Quick Start Guide here in order to begin using your ILVE range.

  2. Please see the following video for unboxing instructions. Our cooktops have the same installation process as our ranges but depend more on the size, shape, and material of your counters. We recommend having a licensed professional assist with your installation.


  3. Plinth leg installation on Majestic II models and tubular leg installation on Nostalgie and Professional Plus models are designed to be completed by consumers.


  4. Toekick installation is hassle-free and does not require a licensed professional.


  5. This process should be completed by a licensed plumber or an authorized servicer.


  6. Rotisserie accessory installation varies dependent upon the model's oven size. Installation will also differ between Majestic II models as well as Nostalgie and Professional Plus models.


  7. The gas regulator is an essential part of your range's fuel source connection. It is essential that the gas regulator is installed correctly and converted to the proper fuel type if necessary. Confirm that the gas regulator is installed per your range's specifications.


  8. Each model and series, Majestic IINostalgie, and Professional Plus, will have different burner configuration. Please confirm on your spec sheet where you should install your griddle. Remove the grates over the appropriate burner(s) and place the griddle gently on top to install.


  9. The simple installation process consists of inserting two screws in the corresponding holes on the bottom left and right corners of the backsplash and connecting it to the range.


  10. The minimum height between the range and the range hood should be 25.6 inches or 65 centimeters.

  11. The amperage requirements vary by model and can be found under the power category on the model's spec sheet.


III. Maintenance

  1. ILVE oven doors are removable for maintenance and easy cleaning. Open the warming drawer completely. Open the oven door at a 90-degree angle and use pliers to remove the door locks. Shift the oven door to a 45-degree angle and lift up and out. There should be little to no resistance as the oven door is removed.


  2. Gasket removal and installation does not require an authorized servicer and instructions can be found here.


  3. The Majestic II's burners are covered in a nanotechnological coating that prevents food and grime from building up on the surface. While this coating does make cleaning your Majestic II's burners easier, it requires specific cleaning practices in order to maintain the integrity of the coating.


  4. The self-cleaning panels available for the Nostalgie and Professional Plus models prevent food and grime from building up on the inside walls of your range. Installation can be completed without an authorized servicer.


  5. Allow the griddle to cool slightly, then cover the cooking surface with white vinegar. Allow the vinegar to sit for five minutes, then scrape the griddle with a flat spatula. A scouring pad may be required for heavy buildup.

IV. Servicing

(We should make a note that this section contains commonly asked questions by technicians and that these steps should only be completed by an authorized servicer. Please request service if you require it.)*

  1. This process should be completed by an authorized servicer and varies between the Majestic IINostalgie, and Professional Plus series. However, the two glass panels nearest to the oven are fully removable for cleaning and maintenance.


  2. This process should be completed by an authorized servicer.


  3. This process should be completed by an authorized servicer.


  4. This process should be completed by an authorized servicer.


  5. The process to open the back of a Majestic IINostalgie, or Professional Plus range should only be completed by an authorized servicer.


  6. Opening the top of your range should only be completed by an authorized servicer.


  7. This process should only be completed by an authorized servicer.


  8. If the burners are off-center, this can cause uneven cooking at best and hazardous conditions at worst. An authorized servicer can center your burners.

V. Troubleshooting

  1. When the oven buttons get stuck, pull out the entire button and check for dirt or dust. After confirming that the button is entirely clean, reinsert the button for use.


  2. Resetting the oven's thermostat requires that your range be completely cooled down and disconnected from the power source. First, remove warming drawer's door and panels. Next, locate the safety thermostat, a red button, and press it with the point of a sharp object until you hear a click to complete the reset. Reattach the warming drawer's pieces and reconnect your range to power to confirm that the reset was successful.


  3. If you find a blinking A on your Professional Plus or Nostalgie range’s analog screen, your oven is on Automatic Mode. Hold down the Cooking Time() and End Cooking Time ( ) buttons simultaneously to take your ovens out of Automatic Mode.


  4. ILVE ranges and cooktops are designed to conform to the highest safety standards in Italy. Therefore, the burners are each equipped with a thermal coupler in order to prevent the burners from getting switched on by accident. This means that you must hold down the knob for three to five seconds to ignite the burner.

VI. Function

  1. The rotisserie can hold 9.92 pounds or 4.5 kilograms.

  2. It is important to position your range's burners correctly for proper use, even cooking, and to remain in good standing with your warranty. Ensure that all pieces of the burner are laying flat and that the screws below the burner are tight.


  3. Gas line connections are on the back side of the oven and are approximately eleven inches from the floor. Please see your model’s spec sheet for exact guidelines and placement.

    All gas connections must be made according to the national and local codes. The gas supply line must be the same size or greater than the inlet line of the appliance.


  4. It is the standard 1/2 inch NPT inlet for gas connection.

  5. Select models come with a stainless steel ring reducer, which functionally creates more surface area on top of your burner. This accessory allows our customers to use smaller pieces of cookware with ILVE ranges. Simply place the ring reducer on top of the grate's four prongs to begin use.


  6. Yes, our gas cooktops, gas range stovetops, and dual fuel range stovetops can all be lit manually.

  7. Dual fuel and electric single and left-side ovens have nine cooking functions and gas and right-side ovens have four, controlled by a knob identical to that of the burners. Hold down the knob and turn to the left or right to modify your oven's cooking function.


  8. The legs on all ILVE ranges are removeable. The tubular legs on Nostalgie and Professional Plus models are adjustable by four inches.

  9. If this was noted properly on your order, then the high-altitude kit was installed in our factory. If this was not noted on your order, we recommend purchasing a high-altitude kit and soliciting an authorized servicer to assist you.

  10. If you have a gas model, your broiler is gas with infrared. If you have a dual fuel or electric model, your broiler is electric.

  11. In Nostalgie and Professional Plus ranges, the warming drawer will operate with the residual heat from the oven. In Majestic II models, the warming drawer has its own power source and is operable from the range's touch screen.