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Frequently Asked Questions | AquaNuTech


1. Is the 4N1 user Friendly?

Yes, the standard hot/cold handle operates like any other full flow faucet with pulldown and spray features to dispense hot/cold water.

One touch on the touch sensor will illuminate blue LED and filtered water will be dispensed. Another touch ceases dispensing or the filtered water will automatically shut-off after 2-liters.

Touch and hold the touch sensor and red LED will fully illuminate, after a 3-second safety delay, and instant hot water will be dispensed. As a safety feature you must maintain touch on the sensor while dispensing the instant hot water. Cease touching and the immediately shutoff safety feature will be initiated.

2. How is the 4N1 better than a standard pull-out faucet or instant hot water dispenser?

The 4N1 combines all the features of a full flow faucet, filtration faucet, instant hot water dispenser and a filtration system into a single transitionally designed system. Daily duties at the kitchen sink become more efficient and convenient while giving you a space saving, eco-friendly product.
Inferior products can't match the superior dispensing performance and precise temperature control of the instant hot water dispenser. Filtered water is dispensed from this faucet as well, so no more going to the refrigerator, using plastic bottles or wasting money on filtered pitchers. 
The friendly, ergonomically designed touch-control feature on the faucet and dispenser digital display is perfect for busy or delicate hands and is ADA compliant, while the 3-second hot water activation delay and automatic shutoff keeps your family safe.

3. Can you dispense instant hot water when the pulldown faucet head is extended?

Yes, for the convenience of filling pans, pitchers etc. Reminder that you must maintain touch on the sensor while dispensing instant hot water.

4. Can you spray the instant hot water?

For safety reasons, instant hot water is dispensed out of a separate dedicated line and cannot utilize the flow or spray functions of the faucet head.

5. Is the 4N1 code compliant?

Yes, it will meet CUPC; NSF 61 and NSF 373and CEC & Cal Green codes.

6. What material are your products made from?

Primary materials:


  • Faucet has a lead-free solid brass body and handle with a stainless-steel spout
  • Dispenser outer case is a metal composition surrounding a 304 stainless steel, 0.6 gallon tank
  • Filtration System is a recyclable plastic composition with a 3-stage carbon filter

7. Where is the 4N1 manufactured?

China and fully inventoried in Denver, Co.


 Install & Compatibility

1. What are the install requirements and where can the 4N1 be installed?

A standard 120v electrical outlet is required under the sink. If possible, use a separate circuit dedicated to your Hot Tank. It is recommended that a separate circuit serving only your electronic instant hot water appliance be provided or use an outlet that can be turned on/off by a switch.

This electronic instant hot water appliance is equipped with a power supply cord with a power plug. To minimize possible shock hazard, the cord must be plugged into mating, ground-type outlet grounded in accordance with all national and local codes and ordinances. If a socket outlet is not available, it is the responsibility and obligation of the customer to have a properly grounded outlet installed by a qualified electrician.

2. Will the 4N1 System be OK to use outside North America?

No, as it uses 120V. So Bermuda ; Brazil; Canada; Cayman Islands; Columbia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Dominican Republic; EL Salvador; Guatemala; Guam; Guyana; Haiti; Honduras; Jamaica; Nicaragua; Panama; Philippines; Puerto Rico; Trinidad; Venezuela; Virgin Islands.

3. Do I need to hire a plumber or a contractor?

The design is suitable for competent DIY enthusiasts to install themselves. However, if not sure or in any doubt it is advisable to use an approved installer.

4. Can I fit the 4N1 faucet with my old hot water tank?

No, the faucet must be used with our tank as they work differently to conventional systems on market.

5. How long does it take to install the 4N1?

Standard installation should be no more than an hour, depending on whether new install in new construction or install with existing sink, plumbing etc. already installed.



1. What are the shipping carrier options?

FedEx is our primary carrier because we have negotiated an aggressive volume-discount for our customers via our prepay/add billing service. FedEx delivers anywhere the US within 1-3 days after order ships from Denver, CO. UPS is an option for those who have their own account and can be utilized if the customer provides an account number for third-party billing.

2. Will my order(s) ship in one box/all at the same time?

Yes, all at the same time in one box.


1. Is there a warranty?

Yes. The filter must be changed once per year to maintain the warranty.

  • Tank - 3 yrs.
  • Faucet Finishes
    • Chrome - Lifetime
    • Black Matt and Brushed Nickel - 7 yrs.
  • Faucet Functionality - 5 yrs.

2. What are your policies surrounding refunds and returns?

Refunds/Returns must be requested within 30-days of purchase and will be for the net cost of item only. Return shipping charges will be the customer's responsibility.

3. How can I contact the product owner?

Please contact 720-322-0800. Don't see the answer to your question? Ask us directly.

 Requirements - Please Read

Water Supply Requirements:

If local codes permit, the instant hot water Dispenser feed line should be connected to the hot and cold water supply line using an isolation valve, or another means for providing the hot and cold water to the Dispenser.

IMPORTANT: If local codes do not permit the use of isolation valves, special feed valves can be obtained from your local plumbing supply distributor. If the water is mixed with impurity, ironing chips, grains of sand, and so on, the pipes of the electronic instant hot water appliance and Dispenser will be blocked and will void the guarantee.

Environment Requirements:

  • Don't install the electronic instant hot water appliance outdoors or in a location that may fall below 32F, otherwise the pipes and the Dispenser and tank will be frozen. This will cause serious safety trouble, possible bodily injury, accidents, and damage. Should this happen, the guarantee will be void.
  • It's forbidden to wash the electronic instant hot water appliance with water directly. The installation environment should be ventilated, with protection from the direct sunshine.
  • When installing the electronic instant hot water appliance, provide approximately 10cm to 15cm (4 - 5 ½”) of air space on the sides of the unit for air circulation and approximately 2.5cm (1”) from the mounting wall.
  • The environment humidity should be in the range of 10% to 60%. Be sure there is no dew.