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Buyers Guide: BTI Aqua-Solutions/Aquanutech



Faucet filtration systems are not something that should be taken lightly if you're looking for efficiency in your home life. BTI Aqua-Solutions are the leaders in innovation in the market and bring about some incredible products that will really elevate your faucet game in your home. So, if you are looking for a faucet filtration system that will make your kitchen a dream come true, our buyer’s guides will tell you everything you need to know.

Product Review 1: 4N1 Aqua-System Plus

The first filtration system to bring your attention to is the 4N1 Aqua-System Plus. It's been specifically designed to remove any need for additional accessories or appliances on your faucet. If that is not already enough to convince, what is? The amount of money and space saved with a simple installation of one of these luxury faucets can not be beaten.


4N1 Aqua-System Plus

Not only is the 4N1 Aqua-System Plus designed to perfection with a quality finish, but the performance speaks for itself too. We understand that sometimes products can look fancy but then do a rubbish job, but the 4N1 Aqua-System holds out on both points! You'll be able to access healthy, filtered water and instant hot water on demand with this versatile attachment.


Product Review 2: 4N1 Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser

BTI-AquaNuTech 4N1 Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser - 4N1HT

If the 4N1 portion of the product name isn't already enough to bring you onboard, then allow us to explain a little bit more about the product. The 4N1 Digital Hot Water Dispenser allows users to adjust the temperature settings of the water to their needs while providing it instantly to you when you need it. What could be better than that?

It's one of the most advanced digital hot water dispensers on the market, with a long warranty to match, helping ensure security for all customers. It's got a compact, space-saving design perfect for smaller kitchens. It comes with automatic safety sensors to ensure you don't accidentally scold yourself when you're trying to have nice hot water poured out for you.

Product Review 3: BTI Leak Detector System

BTI Aqua-Solutions Leak Detector System - LD 4141

An excellent product to accompany your Aqua-System plus filtration faucet or your Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser, the BTI Leak Detector System works to shut off the water supply when it notices a leak. Often overlooked by the masses, it can really bring an added level of security and confidence in the daily performance of your faucet.


Built to shut off as soon as it detects a leak automatically, the BTI Leak Detector System can literally prevent a catastrophe in your home. It's the perfect addition to your home, especially if you've already got filtration systems and digital hot water dispensers in place. It can also be paired well with several other products from BTI Aqua-Solutions, making it a must-have for most home environments.


BTI-AquaNuTech 4N1 Aqua-System Plus - BRUSHED NICKEL - 4N1AS-BN




As you can see, with just a couple of product reviews, BTI Aqua-Solutions have managed to prove why they are the market leaders. You should always consider them as an option if you're looking to upgrade your faucet filtration systems or if you simply want more luxury faucets in your home. You can not go wrong with an addition of a BTI Aqua-Solutions product.